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Trinity Tree Moon Rise

Trinity Tree Moon Rise

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Trinity Tree Moon Rise Pendant

Crafted for those who carry a piece of the night's mystery, this pendant is a tribute to the enduring dance between the moon and earth's oldest guardians, the trees.

Product Details:

  • Material: Exquisite craftsmanship in premium oxidized brass.
  • Chain Included: Available with a versatile chain in two lengths – choose from an elegant drape at 24 inches or a closer embrace at 18 inches.
  • Design: A unique design that marries natural beauty with geometric precision, featuring a serene tree silhouette against a textured moon backdrop.
  • Wearability: Perfect for both a bold statement and everyday elegance, this unisex pendant complements any attire, from the casual to the sublime.

Each "Trinity Tree Moon Rise" pendant comes with the promise of durability and the signature Anatome blend of history and modernity. Add this timeless piece to your collection and wear a story of cosmic wonder.

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