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The Unexplored Space Pendant

The Unexplored Space Pendant

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The Unexplored Space Pendant

A symbolic piece that connects you to the vastness above.

Product Details:

  • Material: Forged in the depths of imagination and crafted with care, this pendant brings together the luster of brass with the warmth of golden accents.
  • Chain Included: Each pendant is accompanied by a complementary chain, available in a 24-inch length for a bold statement or a more subtle 18-inch version for everyday wear.
  • Design: Featuring an artistic representation of the stars and planets, this pendant is a canvas of the night sky, encapsulating the wonder of the cosmos.
  • Versatility: A unisex piece that transcends trends, it's designed to be your companion whether you're stepping out for coffee or gazing up at the stars on a clear night.

'The Unexplored Space' pendant is for the dreamer, the thinker, the explorer in all of us, offering a piece of the infinite for your daily journey.

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