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Sodalite Stone Bracelet

Sodalite Stone Bracelet

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Sodalite Serenity Bracelet

Embrace the deep, tranquil blues of the 'Sodalite Serenity Bracelet', a piece that reflects the profound calm of the evening sky.

Product Details:

  • Material: Crafted with sodalite stones known for their rich, variegated blues and gery hues, this bracelet brings a touch of peace and mental clarity.
  • Design: The natural patterns within each stone are reminiscent of the vastness of the night sky, paired with a brass logo charm that adds a touch of distinguished character.
  • Size: Designed to be one size fits all, the bracelet offers a stretchable fit to comfortably embrace any wrist.
  • Variations: Choose your preferred stone size—subtle 6mm beads for a delicate touch or bolder 8mm beads for a statement piece.

Whether you're seeking a moment of calm in a hectic day or accessorizing for a peaceful night out, the 'Sodalite Serenity Bracelet' is a perfect companion, infusing your style with the serene energy of the natural world.

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