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Lava Stone Bracelet

Lava Stone Bracelet

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Lava Stone Emblem Bracelet

Channel the raw energy of the earth with the 'Lava Stone Emblem Bracelet', a symbol of grounding strength and fiery spirit.

Product Details:

  • Material: This robust bracelet is strung with genuine lava stones, celebrated for their grounding qualities and textured, porous surface.
  • Design: Each bead carries the earth's fiery essence, interspersed with a brass emblem that bears the distinctive Anatome logo, offering a contrast of textures and a mark of authenticity.
  • Size: Available in one size that comfortably fits all, the bracelet stretches to accommodate any wrist, ensuring a perfect fit for every bearer.
  • Variations: Select from stone sizes of 6mm for a refined look or 8mm for a more pronounced, bold statement.

Embrace the volcanic vigor of the 'Lava Stone Emblem Bracelet' and let it serve as a daily reminder of your inner strength and the stabilizing power of nature.

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