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Amazonite Stone Bracelet

Amazonite Stone Bracelet

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Amazonite Affinity Bracelet

The 'Amazonite Affinity Bracelet' is a cascade of serene aqua hues, each bead a reminder of the tranquil waters of the Amazon.

Product Details:

  • Material: This bracelet is strung with amazonite, a stone cherished for its soothing energy and captivating seafoam green color.
  • Design: The beads are polished to a gentle shine, highlighting their natural beauty and accented with a golden brass charm featuring the Anatome logo.
  • Size: With a stretchable design, this one-size-fits-all bracelet slips comfortably onto any wrist, ensuring a snug yet gentle fit.
  • Variations: Available in two stone sizes - a delicate 6mm for a touch of grace or a more substantial 8mm for an assertive presence.

The 'Amazonite Affinity Bracelet' is a wearable piece of tranquility, perfect for instilling peace and balance in your daily life.

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